Cucumber Mule Cucumber Mule

50 ml de Moskovskaya
15 ml de Calvados / liqueur de pomme
15 ml de Cointreau
Morceaux de pomme  


Appletini is a delicious cocktail mix of vodka and apple popular for its sweet mouth-watering simplicity.

When and where was the first appletini recipe created?

The Appletini was created in 1972 when it was then known as an Adam’s Apple Martini. Appletini as we know it today dates to 1996 when the appletini recipe first appeared in Lola’s West Hollywood restaurant. Fittingly perhaps, the Appletini has since featured in numerous US TV shows and films.

What is the appletini recipe?

What are the appletini ingredients? Classic Appletini ingredients are good quality vodka mixed with apple juice, apple brandy or apple cider.

Moskovskaya’s take on the Appletini is 50mils of classic Moskovskaya vodka chilled and mixed with equal 15mil measures of Cointreau and Calvados, garnished with apple slices.

How is the Appletini served?

The Appletini should be mixed in a shaker and then served straight up in a chilled cocktail glass with a garnish of either an apple slice or a cherry.

Is the vodka martini recipe similar to Appletini?

People often confuse the vodka martini – made famous by the fictional character James Bond with Appletini. The vodka Martini recipe is vodka and vermouth. There are variations of course on how the Appletini is made and this is perhaps where the confusion comes from. One such variation in appletini ingredients sees Martini mixed with apple juice and ice.

Cocktail making tip

The smooth velvety taste of Moskovskaya Osobaya vodka really compliments the apple in this cocktail. Consider combining with a high-quality Calvados apple brandy.

In other cases, because the sweetness of apples and apple mixers differs so much, you might want to add lime to the mix to even things out. Other variations on this cocktail worth experimenting with include a sweet and sour mixer or using flavoured vodka.