Moskovskaya vodka, one of the oldest vodka brands, is patented by the Russian Empire government.


Operations begin in the new Riga State Vodka Warehouse Nr.1 facility, where Moskovskaya vodka is produced today.


1902-1914 Moskovskaya vodka enjoys popularity as a high-quality, mainstream vodka — awarded the designation „Osobaya“ for high quality by the Emperor. Production was halted during WWI.


The recipe for Moskovskaya vodka improves over time until it reaches perfection. Today it is still produced using the original improved formula by M.Kucherov, earning the exceptional designation of “Osobaya” quality vodka. This word is stamped on each bottle, reflecting the quality that has been delivered for decades. “Osobaya” translates into English as “special” and Moskovskaya is renowned for its special, pure vodka.


Celebrating victory at the end of WWII, each soldier is given a gift of two bottles of Moskovskaya at the legendary parade through Red Square in Moscow.


Moskovskaya vodka gains popularity and now leads the mainstream segment in the Soviet Union, becoming the obvious choice for family celebrations and having a good time with friends.
Moskovskaya begins to receive international recognition.


Moskovskaya vodka stays true to the traditional minimalist approach to vodka production, rejecting trends for elaborate techniques and tastes and ensuring that every bottle of Moskovskaya vodka is of the same outstanding quality.


The growing popularity of Moskovskaya vodka in Europe is due to its high quality, purity, and subtle character.


The end of the Soviet era. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many countries regain their independence. Lives change, bringing friends and family together, and the door to new opportunities for Moskovskaya vodka is opened.


Business development accelerates in the new millennium, unlocking fresh opportunities to build strong market positions outside the former Soviet Union.


The appearance of Moskovskaya is redesigned in an effort to communicate who we are to today’s consumer, while staying true to our authentic roots. This project rejuvenates brand recognition in the international arena and Moskovskaya sales increase.


Moskovskaya not only rejuvenates its look, the bottle and the label, but also launches the new, bold and fun communication campaign and visual language, albeit staying true to our over 100 years of vodka making traditions.