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And not just any ordinary vodka. It's Moskovskaya vodka. 🙌

Introducing the Moskovskaya All Green Mary. The best thing about this Bloody Mary is it can be adapted to the veggies that are sold locally. This time we used apples, limes and cucumbers but it also works great with spinach, broccoli, even courgettes! ...

Go crazy at your local veg market. 🥒
All Green Mary Recipe:
50ml Moskovskaya
150ml Yellow tomatoes, Apples & Lime
Cucumber juice
2 dashes Green tabasco
Garnish with: Lime, parsley, yellow tomato garnish

Enjoy. #Moskovskaya
Ft. Tabasco

A cocktail is not just for Christmas.

The Matcha Matcha Cocktail. For the ones who seek balance.

Make it yourself:
50ml Moskovskaya
2 tsp Matcha mixed with 100ml almond milk
15ml sugar syrup

Share your cocktail making with us too! 👉 #MoskoMatcha #MoskovskayaVodka

Preparing our next Matcha Matcha Cocktail. Who wants us to post a video of us making it? We really will if you say so...

The Old Fashioned: For when you're feeling fancy.

50ml Moskovskaya
10ml Aperol
15ml Honey syrup
Garnish with: orange zest

Yum. #Moskovskaya

A sign from above. #MoskovskayaVodka

*clink* and enjoy. #Moskovskaya

Green is an attitude. #Moskovskaya

What more do you need? #MoskovskayaVodka

For this espresso martini we prepared our coffee syrup with used coffee grounds from our local roastery. Still full of flavour and they make a perfect coffee infused syrup. What do your neighbours do?

Two Time Espresso Martini Recipe:
50ml Moskovskaya
25ml Coffee syrup made from
used coffee grounds
1 double espresso
Garnish with: 3 Coffee beans


Something worth showing off.

Warning: bear not included.

Add Moskovskaya vodka*

A Russian summer. #Moskovskaya

But we prefer ours.

Mark your territory.

Our sort of iconic.

Sharing is caring.

Crack open something different.

Vodka may not be the answer. But it's worth a shot.

Number 1 sounds good to us. #MoskovskayaDoesTeaInfusedVodka The Resident London

Travel essentials.

Travel essentials.

It's Moskovskaya o'clock.

The perfect pair.

Which is your favourite?

You can always count on Moskovskaya vodka.

Have you tried our latest Infusions flavours? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 👇

The way forward.

Counts towards your 5 a day.

There's a new kid in town.

The best landmark you'll see all day.

Our kind of fuel.

Go on. We won’t tell.

No lessons needed.

Incase you are feeling a little fancy.

The best way to enjoy your next Ginger and Lime. We promise.

Introducing our latest range of Infusions. There’s one to tickle everyone’s fancy. #PickleAndDill #GingerAndLime #CranberryAndLime #HorseradishAndHoney

Naughty. And nice.

The true Russian way.

Familiar. Yet much, much better.

A kick in the right direction.

It's a sign.

Great friends, great vodka. #Moskovskaya

This is only the start.

Same taste. Better outfit. #YouAreWelcome

Not just great on the inside.

What's new pussycat?

Blink and you'll miss out.

A moment of silence for the old.

Don't leave without me. #Moskovskaya

Three for Thursday. #SeeingTriple

Who needs a top-up?

Still simple. Still the best. #NoFuss

A well deserved first place.

Points lost for spillage.

Guess the ingredients. 🍹 Thanks for sharing your #MoskoMoment @concept_salazar

Flavour improved when sharing. #Cheers

Make sure you save yourself one. Or two.

This is not a drill. Mosko Mules are to be taken very seriously. Drink responsibly. #MoskoMule

Here's our recommendation to get you through hump day:

200ml ginger beer
30ml Moskovskaya vodka
A splash of lime juice
Garnish with ice, cucumber and lime.
#Cocktails #Vodka #Moskovskaya

We always knew we were special.

It's good. It's Friday. #GoodFriday

If you're going to share it. Make sure it's worth sharing. #Moskovskaya

What's difference between Vodka and Gin you ask? Here is your answer. Always served better with #Moskovskaya.

Each to their own. #Moskovskaya

Focus on what's important to you.

Perfection. Every time. #NoFussJustVodka

No fuss. Just Russia.

We hope your Monday looks this good.

Hmm. We'll take that.

We don't just make great vodka.

Limited time only. Gone in a shot.

Friday; we've missed you too. #WeekendsWithMoskovskaya

Always the life of the party. #Moskovskaya

The Independent talks the best Russian vodka. We can't help but agree too that we're the best. #BestVodka #Moskovskaya

And we've done it for a really, really long time. #Moskovskaya

Credit to @exitmilano for this great 📷. Share your next Moskovskaya moment with us my tagging #MoskovskayaVodka

The taste of luxury.

The International Day of Happiness. Share today with the one you love. #Moskovskaya #InternationalDayOfHappiness

Take a good look at this vodka. We agree it's great how it is. But now we're about to shake things up a bit.. can you guess what's in store? #TheCountdownIsOn

Pour some fun into the weekend ahead with us.

Fun food deserves fun vodka. #Moskovskaya

What better way to show you care. Rounds on us.

We don't normally do selfies. But this one we like. Share yours 👉 #MoskovskayaVodka

The age old question: Mosko Beauty or Mosko Cola? What do you prefer? #CocktailsInTheMaking

Bring your friends. But mostly Moskovskaya.

Let me just take that from you. #MoskoMoments

How we like to do #PancakeDay 🥞 #PancakeDay2019

Something you'll want to share. Don't forget to tag #MoskovskayaVodka to share your next experience 📲

There must be a reason we're still going, right? #TriedAndTested #MoskovskayaVodka

We know this is what you really wanted to see. #MoskovskayaVodka

Looking for the best cocktails in London? Don't just take our word for it. Try 'The Hide' to see us again.

Our kind of sharing board.#MoskovskayaVodka #VodkaForAll

Chill out. We're here this weekend. #WeekendsWithMoskovskaya

Post-work drink? We're always here.

Cheers. Who are you drinking with this week?

Impress your friends with your vodka knowledge.

Grab yours today.

For when a bit of fuss is worth it. #Moskovskaya

We're shaking things up this year. Who can guess what's in store? #VodkaForAll

Mix it up. With #Moskovskaya

Long day? We're here to help. #MondayMotivation

It's Friday. Why not?

How many others can say the same?

We keep things simple with our Vodka. To make it easy, here are our no fuss cocktails 👉

We don't need to spend £££ for a good time.

Some things are too good to be shared. Here, we can let you off. Share your next Moskovskaya experience with us by tagging #MoskovskayaVodka

Experience Moskovskaya wherever you go.

Time to squeeze in some Moskovskaya? #SqueezeTheLime

Weekends with #Moskovskaya. Here are the essentials.

Falling for Moskovskaya too? Share your experience with #MoskovskayaVodka

Need a hand? Moskovskaya is always here for you. #MondayMotivation

No fuss, just a Mosko Cola.

½ part Moskovskaya® vodka
½ part Apple Juice
1 part Cola
Mix all together and serve with ice.
Happy Friday.

What more do you need? #Moskovskaya #Vodka

Here's something to get you over hump day. And then another one to say well done. #humpday

Things to prepare you for the week ahead:

1. To-do list
2. Moskovskaya Vodka

Final job of the week. Squeeze the lemon. 🍋 #Moskovskaya

Thirsty? Understandable, it's Thursday. #ThirstyThursday #ChooseMoskovskaya

10 year challenge? Boring. Try 100 years. #100yearchallenge #10yearchallenge #MoskovskayaVodka

Add a little spice to your day with our Mosko Mary.

Ingredients used:
Moskovskaya Vodka 50ml
Tomato Juice 100ml
Lime slice 1
Lemon slice 1
Tabasco sauce 2 dashes
Worcestershire sauce 1 pinch
Celery 1 pinch
Black Pepper 1 pinch
Horseradish 2 tea spoons
🍹 Enjoy responsibly.

Your weekend is looking brighter. #Moskovskaya

Thirsty Thursday's now poured better with Moskovskaya #MoskoRussian

Picnic date? Bring your partner too. #Moskovskaya

Let us give you a hand with that. #nofussjustvodka #moskovskaya

Tag who you're pouring for this weekend 👇

New year, new you. Plus Mosko Breeze. #moskovskaya #nofussjustvodka

Want to know more? See how we became, us:

Celebrate with us this New Year's Eve, and the other ones you love too.

Ready and waiting. Not for the weekend, but for you.

This one's for you if you like cranberry juice, made better with Moskovskaya.

Don't forget to bring me along to your Boxing Day celebrations. After all the craziness of Christmas it's nice to have no fuss, at all. #Moskovskaya #nofussjustvodka

It's Christmas Eve, but you already know that. So we shouldn't need to remind you to include us in your Christmas festivities too, right? #nofussjustvodka #Moskovskaya #Christmas

Which one of your friends still drinks their vodka straight? Tag them below 👇🏻

Make sure you save some room for us at your Christmas party!

We're counting down the days until Christmas 🎅🏻. Use #moskovskayavodka to share your experience with us!

It's beginning to look a lot like vodka... #Moskovskayavodka #MondayMotivation

Simple, smooth tasting vodka. What more could you ask for?

To learn more about our Russian methods visit our website #moskovskaya

You might have noticed our limited edition bottles circling the web. What are your thoughts on the design?

Simple start to your weekend..

Some people dont understand the meaning of team building skills...

We want to see how you use Moskovskaya this Halloween, best post with #moskohalloween wins a treat!

According to the @Independent we are "Fresh and spicy on the nose, with a combination of aniseed and apple notes". Sounds like a good choice for a friday night!

Celebrating 100 years of vodka traditions with our limited edition bottle!

Satisfying depth of character.. gentle bready flavour and characteristically peppery finish... we're one tasty

We're not just any old vodka.. we have history! check us out in our website link in the bio #Moskovskayavodka

The only way to start your weekend... #Moskovskayavodka #nofuss

Nobody likes Mondays' so here's a picture of us #Moskovskayavodka #nofuss

Who needs fancy cocktails when you have Moskovskaya #Moskovskayavodka #nofuss

It's for you if you don't want the summer to end

We like enjoying simple pleasures together

Simple, perfect, enjoyable... what more could you ask for?

If you're thinking of going out Friday night, we make a great wing man...

See... fruit can be useful? #Moskovskayavodka

It's for you if you like sharing the weekend with friends #Moskovskayavodka

Don't forget to share those sleepless nights with us #Moskovskayavodka

It's for you if simplicity is your thing #Moskovskayavodka

It's for you if you like simple pleasures #Moskovskayavodka

We’re easy to spot on the shelf, for a No Fuss shopping experience!

We know you won't be able to avoid the temptation... #Moskovskayavodka

We've got that Friday feeling... #moskovskayavodka

We're stocked all over the world! Check out our website to find out more

It's for you if you care more about living in the moment than capturing it #moskovskayavodka

Overwhelmed by lengthy cocktail menus? Us too. That’s why we're keeping it simple! #nofuss

Simplicity is one of life's greatest pleasures. #Moskovskayavodka

After all, three time's a charm #Moskovskaya

Cooling, by any means necessary. #Moskovskaya

Scorching temperatures might get your ice cream, but it won’t get us #Moskovskaya

Always keeping it simple and affordable making us one of the best bottles on the shelf! #Moskovskaya

Another fan keeping it simple! #Moskovskaya

Fruit is for eating. Vodka is for drinking. #Moskovskaya

Tag your best friend in the comment section below!

When life gives you lemons #Moskovskaya

Just planning ahead for the long weekend

This is a sport, right? #Moskovskaya #Beerpong

Here’s 8 reasons why you should drink Moskovskaya: “A shot each day keeps the doctor away”.

living for the moment > capturing the moment #Moskovskaya #Selfie

Sometimes the only way to get your five a day is with Moskovskaya

... for a good party nothing more is needed? #Moskovskaya

Providing a useful distraction in the worst situations

We took Silver medal for quality at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

House hold essentials, always make sure you have a bottle of Moskovskaya in the freezer.

Forever appreciative

Moskovskaya tripled distilled, what more could you want?

What’s your best Moskovskaya story?

Moskovskaya in the countryside. Anytime, any place, anywhere.

Simply add a watermelon!

Best served with friends... and ice.

Whats your Moskovskaya story?

Just add ice.

It’s the same in every language. How weird is that?

No Fuss, Just Vodka.

Spilt vodka... Probably the worst sight in the world. #Moskovskayavodka

A flashback from the weekend: good times, great friends, better vodka. #Moskovskayavodka

The weekend is that close, we can smell it. #moskovskayavodka

Let's hope he caught this. A great picture from our friends at

@cr_photography_art #moskovskayavodka

How cool are the Moskovskaya limited edition bottles? Eagle or Bear, which one are you? 🦅 vs 🐻 #moskovskayavodka

Three's a crowd, enjoy Friday night with your friends #moskovskayavodka

Another Moskovskaya fan making a smart choice.

No fuss. Just vodka.

Cupcakes, Cash and Vodka will always be our favourite currencies #wednesdaywisdom

Here's to Monday, only five days until the weekend. We can do this!

He definitely knows how to pour Moskovskaya Vodka!

It's simple, add ice and enjoy.

It's always worth a shot.

The smartphone was made to capture Moskovskaya 🤳 Share your experience with us by tagging @nofussjustvodka.

Enjoy your weekend the right way. #nofussjustvodka #moskovskayavodka

Here's one of our fans fighting the cold and warming himself up with Moskovskaya

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the world

Here's more of Joel's blossoming relationship with Moskovskaya, here he is practicing his

Russian. #nofussjustvodka

Friday's greatest gift.... Topless! #nofussjustvodka

The right way to drink vodka. Thanks to our friends @banqueting_and_more for the picture #nofussjustvodka

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the world. Can you guess where we are? #nofussjustvodka #Moskovskayamonday

Friday's greatest gift. 3 is a crowd, but what a crowd it is!

Winner! Here's Joel enjoying some of his #Moskovskill prizes, looking good, Joel! Nice hat! #nofussjustvodka


For the perfect Valentine’s night, curl up on the sofa with your loved one, a bottle of Moskovskaya and some complementary Russian-style nibbles.

Nothing says, “I love you,” better than… pickled herring

Nothing says, “You are my one true sweetheart for all eternity,” better than… bit of cheese.

Nothing says, “I gave you the keys to my heart; you unlocked it and have taken residence therein forever,” better than… piece of toasted bread.

Nothing says, “Gaze into my eyes and you will see my soul,” better than… salty nuts.


Spending Valentine’s Day on your own? Remember our mantra: No slap and tickle? Grab a pickle. #nofussjustvodka #valentinesday

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the world #nofussjustvodka #Moskovskayamonday

Friday's greatest gift can also be shared, invite your friends, but not too many.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here's a true Moskovskaya couple capturing the moment #Moskovsromance #nofussjustvodka

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the world #nofussjustvodka #Moskovskayamonday

Winner! Here's Jackson, one of our #Moskovskill competition winners. Congratulations, Jackson. We hope you liked your gifts! #nofussjustvodka

It's that time of the week again. #Moskovskayamonday #nofussjustvodka

Friday's greatest gift #nofussjustvodka

Cutting out alcohol and fatty food in January? Hereʼs a picture of some vodka and a bacon sandwich to annoy you. #yourewelcome #everythinginmoderation

The best things in life aren’t always free #wednesdaywisdom #nofussjustvodka

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the

Friday's greatest gift #nofussjustvodka

Re-writing the dictionary one word at a time. #nofussjustvodka

We’re launching VodkaCoin™, a new cryptocurrency for Moskovskaya drinkers. Buy a bottle of our vodka and receive 25 VodkaCoins, which will be stored on a USB stick in Riga and will eventually be worth nothing. Tempted? Who wouldn’t be? Buy Moskovskaya ...

now to claim your free invisible money.

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the

Friday's greatest gift #nofussjustvodka

Re-writing the dictionary one word at a time #nofussjustvodka

It's always Moskovskaya day somewhere in the world #nofussjustvodka #Moskovskayamonday

Simplicity #nofussjustvodka

Haven’t joined a gym yet? Our handy fitness bottle will give people the impression you’re a fitness fanatic even if walking to the off-licence is the most exercise you get.

You didn't look this good

on New Year's Day. #nofussjustvodka

Happy New Year #nofussjustvodka

Have New Year’s Eve plans? Don’t have New Year’s Eve plans? It doesn’t matter. At Moskovskaya we firmly believe that NYE is the time to celebrate the best things in life. And the best things in life are great friends and great vodka. So gather your nea...

rest and dearest, a bottle of Mosky and some shot glasses. The rest will sort itself out.

Merry Christmas, from all at Moskovskaya vodka!

Need a last-minute gift idea? Here's one: vodka.

> Low in fat
> Low in sugar
> The perfect gift for those who eat too much rich food at Christmas

Thinking of gifts is difficult. What isn't? Vodka.

Comes in a bottle
Easy to serve
The gift of choice for the time-poor

Stuck for that special Chrsitmas gift? Give vodka. Everyone loves vodka.

Perfect for sharing
Enjoy at any social occasion
You can happily take it back if the recipient doesn't like it
Enjoy with friends and family

What makes the perfect gift at Christmas? It's only vodka!

Green is quite a festive colour
Easy to wrap: just stick it in a bag
No batteries required

We'd love to give you a Christmas gift, but we don't know you and we can't afford it. If you want something from us, you'll have to earn it.

1) Pause the video on the unwrapped bottle
2) Post a screen shot in the comment
3) ...and 'like' the Facebook page

Yes, it’s that easy. Follow our idiot-proof instructions and we’ll enter you into a draw to win a Moskovskaya goodie bag.


Please refer to the terms and conditions in the notes section of our Facebook page for more details.

Moskovskaya won gold in The Spirits Business awards of 2017 as Best Standard Vodka. Here's a sample of our triumphant liquid.

Moskovskaya won gold in The Spirits Business awards as Best Standard Vodka. Now, how to celebrate?

Moskovskaya won gold in The Spirits Business Vodka Masters. Here's a picture from the triumphant evening.

The Independent loved our vodka but also said: “it’s not the prettiest bottle on the shelf”.

Don’t get sheetfaced this Halloween #drinkresponsibly


Thanks to The Independent for 3rd spot in this '6 best Russian Vodkas' article.

"It’s not the prettiest bottle on the shelf, sure, but it’s a great vodka nonetheless... Exceptionally good value "

Who wants to be pretty, anyway?

“The Independent” recognises Moskovskaya Vodka as the best affordable Russian Vodka

British Newspaper “The Independent” picked Moskovskaya Vodka as one of TOP6 Russian vodka brands. In fact, Moskovskaya Vodka ranked as the best affordable vodka in the 3rd place, leaving 1st and 2nd places to premium priced Russian Standard Gold and Momont Vodka.

Woo. We're on Insta 🎊 Follow us @nofussjustvodka

Moskovskaya. Never late to the party.


Monday's here. 🙃


Simple. Perfect. Enjoy.

Moskovskaya is made according to the classic Russian method using traditional ingredients.

No fuss. Just vodka 👌


Moskovskaya vodka, one of the oldest Russian vodka brands, is first created by the Vodka Monopoly of the Russian Empire.

A decree is issued that a new Moskovskaya vodka production and warehouse facility is to be built. 🍸👌✨

Our mixologists know best.

Vodka. Ice. 💥💥💥

No fuss. Just vodka.

We defend the vodka fundamentals. 🍸

No fuss. Just vodka.



1/6 part Moskovskaya® vodka
1/3 part coffee liqueur
1 part apple juice
Combine ingredients in a rocks glass half-filled with ice cubes.


The best things in life aren't always free. But they're usually simple.

New website is now live. 💥💥💥

We have a pretty great history.

If you like history. 🙃


All thanks to a decree in 1894. Legends. 👌

Looking for some cocktail inspo this Saturday evening?

You've found it! 🍾🍹👌

That Saturday feeling.


The best things in life aren't always free. But they're usually simple.

New website is now live. 💥💥💥

Translated as 'Moscow Vodka', our ultra-smooth vodka has been distilled since 1901.

No fuss. Just vodka. 👌

Two Silver Awards in IWSC 2017

Silver medals in „The Vodka Masters 2016“

The judges were certainly impressed awarding Silver medal “refreshing” Moskovskaya vodka.

Results are in from The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) Moskovskaya are winners for 2017 💃🕺💫🎉✨

Moskovskaya Vodka WINNER Silver Outstanding 2017
Moskovskaya Silver Vodka WINNER Silver 2017

Congratulations to our Producers Latvijas Balzams & Partners the Amber Beverage Group for your awards also 💫🎉✨


We defend the vodka fundamentals.

No fuss. Just vodka.

Translated as 'Moscow Vodka', our ultra-smooth vodka has been distilled since 1901.

No fuss. Just vodka. 👌

Moskovskaya Guide to Mixology.

Simplicity is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

Our team of cocktail experts have spent years experimenting with recipes. This ingenious creation is definitely our favourite !

Sometimes it is really worth simply to wait for something special! First ever Moskovskaya line extension in over 100 years of brand history. Made by using charcoal and silver purification to ensure the pristine taste and smoothness.

Celebrate the summer ! Simplicity is one of the greatest pleasures :)

Moskovskaya Vodka is one of the oldest Russian vodka brands. No Fuss. Just Vodka

No Fuss. Just Vodka.

Moskovskaya vodka revealed the first ever limited edition bottle - legendary vodka brand that traces it's history back to Russian Empire.

The first Limited Edition

Amber Beverages launch the first limited edition of Moskovskaya® Vodka.

Silver medals in „The Vodka Masters 2016“

The judges were certainly impressed, awarding Silver medals, one each to “refreshing” Moskovskaya Osobaya and “crisp” Moskovskaya Silver.

Moskovskaya® Vodka reveals global communication platform developed by London agency

New Cocktail

Black Mosko


IWSC 2015 Silver Outstanding award

Moksovskaya vodka was recognized with the “Silver Outstanding” award at the oldest international competition of its kind held for more than 45 years in London.

Double Gold award in WSWA 2015

Moskovskaya vodka won the Double Gold Medal at one of the most prestigious competitions in the US beverage industry that attracts wholesalers from the US and around the world—Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America. 

China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015

Moskovskaya vodka was awarded a Gold Medal at the biggest and most prestigious Wine & Spirits competition in Hong Kong and China. 

The Global Spirits Masters

Moskovskaya Vodka was recognized with Gold medal in The Global Spirits Masters competition.