Why are cocktails the best drinks to make with vodka?

Vodka is considered by many in the know to be the king of spirits when it comes to making cocktails. In the case of an authentic vodka with over a century of heritage such as Moskovskaya, this is because its high quality and pure velvety liquid enable a cocktail maker to highlight the tastes of all of the ingredients in cocktails with vodka.

What are the main types of cocktails with vodka?

There is certainly no shortage of drinks to make with vodka. The main types of cocktails with vodka are shots, long drinks, and strong VS soft cocktails.

What are the best vodka cocktails?

When it comes to cocktail recipes with vodka there are drinks to make with vodka that suit every imaginable taste!

Here is a small selection of the variety of cocktail options that you can make from Moskovskaya vodka:

The All Green Mary shows the true versatility of drinks to make with vodka. This delicious cocktail has 7 ingredients in addition to 50 ml of ice-cold Moskovskaya, with 4 garnishes added

Cucumber Mule is a refreshing and cool summer drink

Green Tea Highball energises the mind whether on a night out or enjoying a leisurely afternoon drink at home

There is a delicious combination of Moskovskaya vodka and apple in our Cloudy Apple cocktail, one of the most refreshing cocktails with vodka you will come across.

When we think of cocktails we often think of James Bond. 007 always loves a good cocktail, particular cocktails with vodka. The Triple Vespa combining Moskovskaya vodka and gin would definitely appeal to his refined taste.

Undoubtedly, the Appletini is one of the cocktail recipes with vodka not to be missed and a timeless classic that only takes 5 minutes to prepare!

Whipped Raspberry is a shot-sized drink that carries an unforgettably delicious punch!