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Red Mary

50 ml Moskovskaya Infusion horseradish and honey
Topped with tomato juice
Salt & pepper
Glassware: highball glass
Garnish: lemon zests, fresh grated horseradish, celery

Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary cocktail is a cocktail quite unlike any other. Dating back over 100 years, it is considered by many aficionados to be one of the world’s tastiest and most famous cocktails

When and where was the Bloody Mary first created?

It is believed that the world’s first-ever Bloody Mary was created by Frenchman Fernand Petiot in 1921 in Paris in a bar that was a popular hangout of the world-renowned writer Ernest Hemingway. Other claims to have invented the delicious Bloody Mary recipe comes from New York’s 21 club. The origins of the drink’s name are also shrouded in mystery with Canadian Hollywood star Mary Pickford, one of the most acclaimed actresses of the 1920s, amongst those whom it might have been named after.

The drink is especially popular as a cure for hangovers (often referred to as ‘hair of the dog’) and as a long afternoon drink to sit over and enjoy.

How to make a Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a world-famous cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice. The vodka and tomato are complemented by a delicious variety of spices including first and foremost Worcestershire sauce plus black pepper, salt, celery, olives, lime juice, celery salt, lemon juice, horseradish, garlic and herbs. 

A bloody mary is traditionally served in a long glass and over ice. With so many ingredients going into this cocktail in addition to vodka and tomato juice the best Bloody Mary mix is something that often comes with experience the more often you make it and understand which combinations work best for your taste buds.

Best Vodka for Bloody Mary

Call us biased but the best vodka for Bloody Mary is Moskovskaya Vodka. It is only fitting that a 125-year-old authentic vodka should be an integral part of a Bloody Mary recipe.

Are there variations of the Bloody Mary recipe?

With so many different ingredients going into this cocktail, the best Bloody Mary mix is not definitive. All of our taste buds are different. So when considering how to make a Bloody Mary and the best Bloody Mary Mix, also consider whether those consuming it will enjoy it hotter, stronger or spicier!

Red Mary perfection!

Moskovskaya has created its own unique take on this classic drink – the Red Mary. Take 50mils of perfectly chilled Moskovskaya and infuse it with horseradish and honey topped with tomato juice. Add Tabasco, salt and pepper to your taste to this delicious cocktail and serve in a highball glass with a garnish of lemon zest, freshly grated horseradish and crisp celery.