Cucumber Mule Cucumber Mule
Mint tonic

50 ml Moskovskaya Infusion сranberry and lime
15 ml mint syrup
Handful fresh mint
Topped with tonic water
Garnish: orange zests

Mint Tonic

Mint Tonic is a refreshing vodka mint cocktail which although best enjoyed in the summer months, is enjoyable at any time of the year and highlights the versatility of Moskovskaya Infusion  

When and where was the Mint Tonic cocktail created?

Vodka and tonic is a refreshing thirst-quenching combination that arguably has its origins with the colonial gin and tonic of nineteenth-century British India. Indian tonic water, which is made with quinine, was drunk by British military personnel as an anti-malarial medication. Gin was added to the tonic water to improve the taste. When vodka later became popular outside of Russia and eastern Europe, the vodka tonic was born along with the vodka mint cocktail and, in the years that have followed, have become extremely popular cocktail drinks all over the globe.

Unique Moskovskaya vodka tonic recipe

For a unique take on the classic vodka and tonic, first, take a bottle of Moskovskaya Infusion cranberry and lime. Moskovskaya Infusion is our modern twist on Russian infusion traditions. They are all-new, all-natural and are perfect either as shots or as in the example of the Mint Tonic cocktail, as a mixer on ice.

Take 50 mils of Moskovskaya Infusion cranberry and lime and add 15mils of mint syrup, a handful of fresh mint, and top this with tonic water. Serve in a highball glass with a garnish of orange zest.

Drinks with mint and vodka

There are a number of drinks with mint and vodka. Mint and vodka perfectly complement each other to create one of the most refreshing cocktails known to man. Some alternative cocktail drinks with mint and vodka include the Vodka Mojito, the Green Grapes (made with mint, grapes and tonic water), and the always popular Moscow Monopoly Mule.