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Over 100 years of vodka making expertise and traditions guarantee that every bottle of Moskovskaya Osobaya vodka has that unmistakable authentically smooth vodka taste that the world has come to love.

Why is Moskovskaya the best vodka to buy?

There are many vodka brands out there but none have the authentic taste, history, traditions and unique Russian heritage of Moskovskaya vodka. Moskovskaya is the best vodka to buy because those 125 years of vodka making traditions have created one of the world’s best vodkas. Choose from classic Moskovskaya or our new range of Moskovskaya Infusion.

Where can you buy Moskovskaya vodka?

Moskovskaya Vodka is now available in 6 regions and continents and over 60 countries worldwide. Moskovskya is the best vodka to buy and you can get your hands on this exceptional vodka from our distributors in the following regions and countries.