100 years of vodka making traditions

Moskovskaya Vodka

Born into the Russian Empire in 1894, Moskovskaya Vodka is one of the world’s most famous heritage vodka brands.

Over 100 years of vodka making expertise and traditions mean that every bottle of Moskovskaya Osobaya vodka has that unmistakable authentically smooth vodka taste with character. This truly is authentic vodka from the home of vodka.

Moskovskaya Osobaya – 125 years of heritage

In the 1900s Moskovskaya was designated ‘Osobaya’ or ‘Special’ by the Russian Emperor as recognition of its premium quality which was much loved all over the Russian Empire at that time. And the word Osobaya is still stamped on each bottle today to reflect that high-quality pure vodka taste that has been delivered without compromise and staying true to the traditional minimalist approach to vodka production for more than a century.

Using exactly the same production techniques, high-quality traditional ingredients and Moskovskaya’s closely guarded secret formula that was further perfected in 1938, Moskovskaya Osobaya Vodka is now universally recognised as one of the world’s most famous heritage vodka brands. 

How Moskovskaya became one of the world’s best vodkas

The secret to creating one of the world’sbest and most beloved vodkas is down to the quality of the ingredients and more than a century’s worth of experience of knowing what you do with those ingredients to produce that liquid silk feel in the mouth and Moskovskaya’s unique pure and subtle character.

The highest quality 100% select winter wheat is blended with purified artesian well water and triple distilled to produce Moskovskaya’s authentically smooth vodka character. This intense three-stage filtration process first contains quartz, then charcoal, before once again being filtrated through quartz to create those unique osobaya vodka flavour characteristics, among them gentle bready flavours with a smooth, peppery finish.

Moskovskaya Osobaya – the authentic vodka taste

Today, more than 125 years after it was first created during the time of the Russian Empire, Moskovskaya Vodka is available in over 60 markets worldwide where the Moskovskaya name is recognised for its genuinely authentic real vodka taste.